Paul Rassinier’s main appointment was as professor of history and geography in the College d’enseignement general at Belfort, Academic de Besancon. 24 Nov Paul Rassinier (March 18, – July 29, ) is known as the father of Holocaust revisionism. During World War II, Rassinier was a highly. Paul RASSINIER Debunking the Genocide Myth A Study of the Nazi Concentration Camps and the Alleged Extermination of European Jewry Introduction by.

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The guns stopped spitting death.

Institute for Historical Review. This operation was repeated three or four times with a few days in between.

All of them, girls from Colas Breugnon.

Paul Rassinier – Wikipedia

And, then there was the “m. They were horror stricken raesinier they found themselves about to leave from the small platform, without provisions for the journey. First, two eyes tried to open, but the heavy eyelids sank down in a sudden reflex, as though the head were under water. Moreover, Le Drame – – as well as Rassinier’s numerous other works — has inspired an ever-growing library of other “revisionist” works on the subject, including the excellent study by Arthur R.

Service Historique de l’Armee de Terre He spotted one, Du und die Kunst by one of National Socialism’s leaders. The level of our morale seemed pxul danger to them, and they flew to its assistance, because in a situation like this the factor of morale rassinisr essential. Meinecke was openly antisemitic ; nonetheless he was a respected historian. As for the author, there is no reason to suppose that he or she shares any responsibility for other writings displayed on this Site.

They were more mortified than we at the treatment enjoyed by the inhabitants of the villas. An odd little fellow was the Commanding Officer: Inthe above works by Rassinier were re-published by the Noontide Press under the title, Debunking the Genocide Myth. I listened to their conversation.


Bruch, Pierre Cochery and Albert Tschann helped found The Fourth Republican underground paper that advocated resistance and tried to lay a post-war foundation for France, so “that all those who will survive the war together can and must rebuild paaul together, and thus save the country paup a civil war.

Elected to the Chamber of Deputies, Rassinier was defeated in November, largely through the machinations of the Communists. But, National Socialism was overtaken by events and, particularly, by its agents. In he published The Drama of European Jewry, a work committed to debunking what he called “the genocide myth.

He was arrested and incarcerated in It pakl us a modicum of labor and money. The postwar period will find a world divided rassibier two, and the democracies will make no headway and the peace will be no less precarious.

The next rassonier, the first group of fifty unloaded all day long construction materials and sections of wooden barracks which heavy tractors managed to bring about half way up the hill; they carried this material the rest of the way up on their back s and placed it inside the barbed wire. Here I am concerned with the historical background and origins of the movement. They were aware of the daylight.

Paul Rassinier – Metapedia

Best known, pxul spite of the repeated efforts of the liberal establishment to sweep all memory of the matter under the rug, are the so-called “relocation camps” where Americans of Japanese ancestry were interned during World War Two.

Then he left, eager to leave behind all that misery. It did happen in wartime that the “news” for the concentration camp inmates was the same as that which the Germans were supposed to take as gospel, and that is why the newspapers were the same for both, but it was pure chance. Statute law Austria Belgium France Germany. Among these fellows I met Jircszah.


Paul Rassinier

Please try your request again later. So that’s the culture they told him so much about when he was a student?

That was the limit, and I the nonbeliever. These interrogations took up three or four days and were conducted in between the vaccinations. One could not say that he was a bad fellow: Crud,” Fernand whispered into my ear in a very, very low voice.

On this subject, the authoritative work of Paul Rassinier clearly remains his Le Drame des Juifs europeens 6 in which he examined, with the care of the scrupulous historian that we know him to be, the documents, the statistics, and the census figures that are related to the alleged holocaust. They were going to be captured, and all of these half conscious prostrate bodies were going to come back to life, rise up to accuse them; they would be caught red-handed.

We all envied the lot of those privileged people. Nicht Verschwinden Any breaking of the rule, sofort erschossen! Fellow countrymen who had been arrested at the same time, or in the same operation, met each other again.

Airplanes wheeled above him and dropped their bombs in the immediate vicinity, without in the least being disturbed by anti-aircraft fire. There was a Rapportfiihrer for all the key services, and rasssinier one of them reported every evening to the Rapportfuhrer-general of the camp, who was an officer, generally an Oberleutnant.