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Gomolo rated it 3 out of 5 stars. Goyenda Gogol or Goenda Gogol ; English: Pompi Ghosh Mukherjee Directed this film. Newcomer child actor Ahijit Ghosh managed to get some positive remarks from most critics and reviewers.

Gogol comes to know that people, once they go inside the house, disappear mysteriously.

Goyenda Gogol received good reviews from critics. Goyenda Gogol DVD release poster. I incorporated a train sequence. Tolpo of the special effects are too funny. There are many stories of Gogol Detective included in Gogol Omnibus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ultimately he is kidnapped by Neil at ‘Hanabari’ after an unsuccessful attempt, but he is later rescued by Ashok Thakur, a private detective who was also closely following the developments and was after Professor Neil Senapati, who turns out to be Amrit, a notorious drug smuggler, who had kidnapped Gogol as he suspected Gogol to be in possession of gojenda rare diamond, a ‘Shah diamond’, one of three golpl in the world which had been passed on to Gogol’s bag by one of Amrit’s men without Gogol’s knowledge.


There are long chase sequences in the jungles. Some more budget allocations towards those would have added a lot of value to the film. It attracts his attention from the very first day as he had heard golp it before.

Puri has changed a lot since the time Samaresh Basu wrote the story.

Gogol likes to daydream and in his dreams, he kicks the hell out of everyone with his karate moves. It boasts of being the first film to feature a tattooed Bengali private detective Indraneil Sengupta.

ISBN – Rahasya, Romancho, Goyenda Golpo Sangraha ( , , ) |

Gogol finds there is more of it. The Times of India. The director could have changed the venue. The music of Goyenda Gogol has been composed by Shamik Sinha.

We were supposed to shoot in Konark but couldn’t because of the rains and then I didn’t get the permission, so we had to shoot the Konark portions in Udayagiri. I was chosen after going through auditions and then I had a mentor, Jeet sir who helped me out for this role. Plus, the haunted house around which Gogol’s adventures take place had to be built on the Puri Beach.

Aditya Chakrabarty of Gomolo wrote— “The film is an excellent watch for kids this summer. I couldn’t find a single house which looked old and worn-out.


Sera Goyenda golpo by Sunil Gangopadhay bangla book

Saheb Tolpo and Locket Chatterjee also play parents for the first time in this film. Some of the scenes gogenda as smugglers discussing their secret plans in the hotel lobby loud enough to be overheard by others is a not-so-good idea.

Views Read Edit View history. Sonali Parer Rahashya is a three-page story, so I had to build on it. In this story, Gogol sets out to Puri to spend his summer holidays with his mother Rachana Banerjee and U. Though the story, Sonali Parer Rahashyawas initially written in the s, it has been modernized by the crew members to make it more contemporary and interesting to the younger generation.

The two kids, Ahijit and Payel, appear convincing for their age. Sonali Parer Rahashya by Samaresh Basu. Detective GogolBengali: Retrieved 5 June Gohenda is a fictional child sleuth created by the famous Bengali writer Samaresh Basu.