Runner with bucket: – runner of Pelton wheel consists of a circular disc on Governing mechanism: – speed of turbine runner is required to be. This speed should also conforms to the power supply frequency. So this mechanism acts as a speed governing mechanism of Pelton wheel. Presentation on:Governing of Pelton WheelTurbine pump with oil sump Relay or control valve Servomotor with spear rod and spear Deflector mechanism.

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An alternate arrangement providing the rotary motion to regulating ring by using two servomotors. Published by Mervyn Oliver Modified over 2 years ago. As turbine is directly coupled to the electric generator which is required to run at constant sped.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding mechanissm policy. Thus, rapid closure of the nozzle opening is eliminated and at the same time the quantity of water striking the runner is reduced.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. The movement of sleeve is transferred through the lever to more the piston rod of relay valve. The piston of the servomotor moves to the right pushing the spear forward. Runaway speed is the speed at which the turbine exceeds its designed maximum rotational speed. When the load on the generator reduces, the turbine speed increases. Working The centrifugal governor actuator is driven by the turbine shaft through a belt or gear.

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Presentation on:Governing of Pelton WheelTurbine

We need your help! Guide vanes direct the water tangentially to the runner. A flow-duration curve may be used for determination of minimum and maximum condition of flow. This mechanism gives better performance since the force required for operation of Francis turbine guide vanes is much more compared to Pelton turbine. But in practice, it operates under varying conditions because the level and quantity of water in a storage reservoir does not remain constant throughout the year, and also the load on the turbine is variable.

It is a double acting cylinder which acts as hydraulic actuator. It causes the following actions to take place one after another. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Storage and pondage is available. Thus, the speed-power curves for turbines are parabolic in nature.

Power is proportional to angular speed. Centrifugal governor Oil pump-gear pump with oil sump Relay or control valve Servomotor with spear rod and spear Deflector mechanism.

It is also called as control valve or distributor valve. It discharge the overflow water to downstream side when the reservoir is full. A dam is peelton hydraulic structure of fairly impervious material built across a river or a stream to retain the water. Rainfall or Precipitation is defined as the total condensation of moisture that reach the earth in any form.

The discharge at any time during the period under consideration.


It is suitable for mountainous regions. The largest units can be up to MW. Surge tank is built just before the valve house so that the severity of water hammering is reduced.

Relay valve is a spool valve having 5 ports. And the efficiency of the unit is maximum when it operates under designed conditions. Governing of Pelton WheelTurbine.

Hydropower Engineering

The forward motion of the spear reduces the opening of the nozzle. It prevents the flow. Download ppt “Presentation on: Pelton wheel, Cross Flow e. Peak load plants The plants used to supply the peak load of the system corresponding to the load curve are called peak load plants. Registration Forgot your password? Hence, the governning of the runner must be maintained constant to have a constant speed of generator.

Presentation on:Governing of Pelton WheelTurbine – ppt video online download

Hydroelectric turbines rotate at relatively low speeds compared to steam turbines, with larger hydroelectric turbines rotating at rpm, and smaller ones as fast as rpm. It is curve which indicates the total volume of run-off in m3 upto a certain time.

Governing of Pelton WheelTurbine”— Presentation transcript: If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.