Re: Translation: Belgium: Dutroux dossier summary, pages, «Reply #1 on: November 30, , PM». Here are the first 5. Release date. April 17, Summary. This page document presents a summary of key dates, persons, communications and financial. Belgium: Dutroux dossier summary, pages, Belgians furious as child killer Marc Dutroux’s wife Michelle Martin is freed.

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The ground must be probed. Existence of the boxes [sic] confirmed. A number of shortcomings in the Dutroux investigation caused widespread discontent in Belgium with the country’s criminal justice system, and the ensuing scandal was one of the reasons for the reorganisation of Belgium’s law enforcement agencies.

These were now the bad people that had arrived to come get them. The mail is handled with gloves. Photo of the helmets. Traces of the registration of several vehicles. Sanitary napkins a small one. He had driven around with Dutroux who, upon noticing a girl walking down a street, had said: Retrieved 28 September This man had been down to the dungeon himself and heard the screams of the two then-alive girls.

I Choose to Live by Sabine Dardenne”. This particular agency was to receive plenty of useful tip-offs in the months ahead — enough, in fact, to bring the investigation to an immediate close. She wrote that she was concerned about her son, because he was keeping two girls, aged 17 and 19, in a dungeon under his house.


Abduction of adult — captivity — rape.

Impossible to do a complete search. The men departed the scene, leaving behind two girls — the ones that had been kidnapped in August Sometimes multiple registrations for the same vehicle.

But the agency failed to act on the information. She began to reuse a VISA card a lot.

This site will analyse evidences that reveal why the Dutroux et al case is still relevant to this day. Shoes — sanitary napkins — hair strands.

Submit documents to WikiLeaks

Two boxes of candles. Leaks News About Partners. They divorced inalso while in prison. This list drifted into obscurity. In AprilDutroux was sentenced to thirteen and a half years in prison. Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government,owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.

Silver 2005, Maryland, US: Out of sight, other events were under way to suppress information.

The move was it made? What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link. Retrieved 20 July Retrieved from ” https: The death penalty was abolished in Belgium in It was two houses joined together in a strange way.

How is it dktroux to summmary behaviour such as this? Retrieved 24 June Her testimony and that of all the 10 witnesses who came forward to Judge Connerotte has been declared worthless. On 4 FebruaryDutroux requested the court in Brussels for an early release from prison.


Obycavne cierne — Jedny. He currently resides in Zeebrugge. Documentation of various machines. Hidden behind a massive concrete door disguised as a shelf, the cell was 2.

English translation of WikiLeaks’ Dutroux dossier: pages of | Dutroux Scandal Analysis

He had ignored and even hushed up duhroux screams, according to the locksmith who accompanied him. In DecemberDutroux was arrested for stealing a car. Account — and FORD yellow LADA He was determined to escape detection this time and fine-tuned the underground cells to frightening perfection.

Martin was convicted as an accomplice. In Augustyear-old Laetitia Delhez was abducted. The families were soon disillusioned by the non-committed and lacklustre police investigation and hired a private investigator to look into things. The bus driver says that they are there every day.

Nor did they tell their viewers that Van den Bogaert had himself admitted his relationship with Louf to police. They wanted to know if he still had. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.