Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. A Voyage to Arcturus [David Lindsay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Voyage to Arcturus is a novel by the Scottish writer David Lindsay. A Voyage to Arcturus [David Lindsay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Scottish writer David Lindsay first published this novel in

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A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay

The early chapters remind me of a device sometimes used by H. I am pilot, and you passengers can amuse yourselves as you please. The book starts in Victorian London and quickly moves to outer space, but aarcturus adventures of Maskull could take place anywhere in a world that has come loose from its moorings. Krag sat with his hand on the lever, watching with savage intentness his phosphorescent charts and gauges.

It is at this point that the infamous Mag Loses a star solely through my inability to understand what exactly transpired within and, with the passing of the years, my inability to recollect sufficiently to ponder it anew. I can see the resemblances already but am intrigued by the story. On Tormance, most such viewpoints or ways of life are accompanied by corresponding new bodily sense organs or modifications of the same, thus each distinct Weltanschauung landscape has its corresponding sensorium.

A Voyage to Arcturus

Published April 1st by Bison Books first published Little known by other than connoisseurs of the strange and mysterious, this odyssey of the questing human spirit is well worth the patience it takes to cope with the opening chapters, which lumber considerably as the author prepares us for the meat of the story.

It combines fantasyphilosophy, and science fiction in an exploration of the nature of good and evil and their relationship with existence.


Nevertheless, both Lindsay and Lewis did create some of the most fantastic images of foreign planets ever to appear in stories. I read this a few years ago with mixed reactions, and I lindsxy know I didn’t give it a proper chance I read it in little bits and pieces, often interrupted, while I was supposed to be working – not a very conducive atmosphere for tackling a book with so much substance!

And it worked on me, and worked, until eventually I decided to read it again. After the war ended inhe moved to Cornwall with his wife to write. In Beauclerk’s view, Ogdon saw Linday’s novel as a religious work, where for instance the wild 3-eyed, 3-armed woman Oceaxe becomes Oceania, described in the Bible’s Book of Revelation 12 as “a woman cloth’d with the sun, and the moon under her feet”.

The green snow drove against them, as they stood talking, and it grew intensely cold. Since Gangnet is unable to send the abusive Krag away, they travel together to the ocean and then take to the sea on lnidsay raft.

A Voyage to Arcturus – Wikipedia

It is a great lumbering, spiritually forgetful romp! May 05, Gregg Wingo rated it it was amazing. Krag rocked with laughter.

The tale begins at a seance at the house of an ostentatious rich Englishman, who has hired a medium who claims to be capable of precipitating physical manifestations of bodies from the spirit world.

Earthrid challenges Maskull to better his achievements. This book surges while disorientating, disorientating while it shows you glorious unknown things. He says that life on Tormance has many different forms because the planet is still new, that human beings resemble earthlings because “all creatures that resemble Shaping must of necessity resemble one another,” and that Alppain is visible only to the North.

He is now seen as being a major Scottish fantasist of the 20th century, the missing link between George Macdonald and modern writers such as Alasdair Gray who have also used surrealism and magic realism.


He encounters things like green snow and people with third arms growing out of their chests. I also recommend that you read it in as close to one sitting as possible, in order to fully appreciate the dreamy shroud that Vyage weaves around you.

He meets a large host of characters, all with their own distinct philosophical outlooks and ideologies. The entire lake convulses and explodes.

As the vision fades Maskull discovers Sullenbode and, leaving Corpangs path, proceeds down the mountain to bury Sullenbode. Jul 19, Simon rated it liked it Shelves: Lewis’s Out of the Silent Planet. This novel has been described as a combination of Calvinist theology and Nietzschen philosophy. It is clearly of a Gnostic bent with touches of the Biblical splattered about.

A Voyage to Arcturus, by David Lindsay : Chapter 5.

It will make you think. On the way Maskull and Tydomin meet Spadevil, who proposes to reform Sant by amending Hator’s teaching with arvturus notion of duty.

All lindsat all it was fairly hard work but should appeal to those that like reading a narrative that consists mainly of philosophical musings and descriptions of deeply imaginative environments. Maskull fo him with some trepidation, in view of his previous painful experience on these stairs, but when, after the first half-dozen steps, he discovered that he was still breathing freely, his dread changed to relief and astonishment, and he could have chattered like a girl.

Lewis finished his, Tolkien started, but never published.